Skerries RNLI bring four to safety after yacht holed by rocks

Skerries RNLI Volunteer brings yacht into shallow water Desktop Resolution

Skerries RNLI brought four people to safety on Sunday (28 June) afternoon after their racing yacht began taking on water after striking rocks near one of the islands off Skerries

Skerries RNLI volunteers launched their Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat ‘Louis Simson’, shortly after 4pm, when reports were received by Dublin Coast Guard that a yacht had struck rocks near Colt island off Skerries.

The lifeboat with volunteer Philip Ferguson at the helm and crewed by volunteers Eoin Grimes, Simon Shiels and Emma Wilson, made its way directly to the area reported. After a quick search of the area the vessel was located. Having freed themselves from the rocks, they were making their way towards Skerries harbour. Water was leaking into the yacht through damage to the hull. The lifeboat was positioned alongside and a crew member boarded, bringing the salvage pump carried aboard the lifeboat.

The yacht was then taken under tow and brought to the safety of Skerries harbour. Once in the safety of the harbour, several more volunteer crew joined the others and assisted in getting the yacht on to a trailer and taken out of the water.

Speaking after the call out, Gerry Canning , Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer for Skerries RNLI said: ’The RNLI spends a lot of time and effort making sure that our volunteers have exactly the equipment they need to cater for any kind of emergency. In emergencies such as this, the salvage pump can be invaluable.’