Callout 21/09/2012

Skerries RNLI Atlantic 75 Rockabill on a callout


Skerries RNLI launched this morning to reports of a boat being driven on to the rocks in the vicinity of hoar rock having fouled their propeller.

The lifeboat was on scene within minutes and after communicating with the persons on board the boat, made preparations to begin a tow.

There was a strong on-shore breeze and considerable swell running making it difficult to pass a line to the stricken vessel.

A line was passed however and the vessel taken under tow, unfortunately, the lifeboat itself became fouled and as a result was forced back on to the rocks by the waves.

The Helm and crew managed to free the lifeboat and a second tow was quickly established. The boat was pulled free of the rocks and returned safely to Skerries harbour. The 2 persons on board the boat required no further treatment.  The lifeboat sustained some damage and as a result a relief boat has been despatched.


The Coastguard helicopter R116 was also tasked and stood by on-scene.